Virginia Business Owner Opening Butcher Shop to Distinguish Himself from Traditional Grocery Stores

Chris Tavenner has a good understanding of what it takes to
start a business.  After spending the
past eight years working for the state of Virginia assisting small companies in
learning the process of establishing a business, he’s applying this tenet to
his own venture by opening a butcher shop. 
The Boneyard Butcher and Seafood Shop is slated to open next month in
the Richmond, Virginia, area selling high end meat and seafood from beef to live
Tavenner believes opening his new butcher shop will fill a
void in the grocery store market for many customers desiring another option for
their meat and seafood needs beyond what supermarkets tend to offer.  The meat and seafood industry has grown over the years
especially now with a rise in demand for organic products.  With the holidays a few weeks away, patrons will
flock to their nearest meat and seafood shops to get those premium cuts of meat
to serve on Thanksgiving.  Whether your shop
is planning to expand or needs extra funding for operational costs to brace for
a busy holiday season, knowing what’s available in the lending market is important. 
Whatever the need is, Silver Rock Funding can help.  Silver Rock Funding has a network of lenders
dedicated to you and your meat store meeting its financial goals.  The application process is fast and within 72
hours loans can be approved for merchant cash advances of up to $500,000,
making sure you have the requisite funding to stay ahead of the competition.

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