Capitalizing on Holidays to Grow Your Small Business

While the Fourth of July might not be the “biggest” holiday of the year, it got us thinking about how
holidays – from Valentine’s Day to Christmas – are amazing marketing/PR opportunities for small businesses. Here are just a couple of marketing/PR tactics you should keep in mind when the next holiday rolls around…

The holidays are a great excuse to get creative! If you own a cupcake shop, offer a discount during the Fourth of July weekend on all your red. white and blue frosted treats. Or, if it’s the Christmas season, offer “12 Days of Deals” (a play on the popular Christmas song) and for 12 days offer your customers a different freebie or discount.

Use holidays as a time to clear unpopular stock. If you own a beauty shop and one particular hair care product isn’t selling well, use Mother’s Day as an opportunity to mark down that item as a “great gift idea for mom.” Or, maybe you own a hardware store and a particular power drill is collecting dust on your shelves, Father’s Day is a great time to offer a sale on that item.

Holidays are the best time for philanthropy. Get your employees together and serve food to the homeless on Easter or Thanksgiving. Or, hold a mini fundraiser within your company and use the funds to donate flower arrangements to a women’s shelter on Valentine’s Day. While philanthropic efforts are good for the soul, they’re also fantastic PR opportunities to showcase how your small business is an active member of your community.

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