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BusinessROCKstar: Joel T. Johnson, President of P.I. Roofing & Best Small Business Owner in Arkansas

The U.S. Small Business Administration recently released the best small business owners in all 50 states, D.C. and three U.S. territories. The business owners were selected to highlight their companies’ outstanding growth and innovation over the past year. “Small businesses are responsible for two-thirds of new jobs created in the U.S. and employ nearly half
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I'm in a Small Business State of Mind

A solid business plan, motivated employees, a great product/service and, of course, adequate finances are all essential to a healthy small business and its growth. But, as a small business owner, it’s also important to consider your frame of mind. We came across a great article on The Huffington Post about how to “nurture the
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Building Your Online Presence - Where to Begin

Long gone are the days of faxing press releases to the major dailies and vying for an above-the-fold story on the cover of the business section. While printed coverage is nothing to turn your nose at, there’s no denying we’re deep into the “Digital Age.” This means online presence has never been more important for
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