Business Expenses

Getting a Private Business Loan in 2017

Our private business loan options are ideal for those would not qualify for traditional financing. If you need a private business loan, you could qualify easier than you might imagine. The Silver Rock Funding team has partnered with dozens of private lenders to help. Our private business loan options are the simplest in lending:  Approvals happen in 24 hours.
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No Collateral? Your Small Business Can Still Get Funding

Even with no collateral, business owners are able to access funding quicker and easier than ever. With limited access to capital businesses fail. According to the National Federation of Independent Businesses optimism among small business owners declined last month. Economists suggest that small business owners confidence about their financial situations played a significant role in low business owner optimism. Declines in
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Asset-based loan

Asset-based loan funding is the best option for most small businesses. An asset-based loan is a secure financing option for a business. Through this type of financing business owners can acquire capital through their assets, which are used as collateral.  That means that any possession from real estate to vehicles can secure your loan. Many small businesses benefit from
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