Danielle Thomas


International Women’s Day received plenty of recognition this year. In celebration, we acknowledge a Business ROCKstar in the jewelry industry. Dr. Traci Lynn Yearwood of Tracy Lynn Jewelry has revolutionized entrepreneurship and jewelry sales. She has made her mark as a successful motivational speaker, author, and entrepreneur. Most notably, through the jewelry company she founded in 1989. Traci Lynn
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Today, we will continue in our Business ROCKstar Series, where Silver Rock Funding highlights dynamic entrepreneurs. Business ROCKstars are entrepreneurs who make magnificent strides in their industry. One influential figure is the President of an upscale-casual dining chain, Roger S. Berkowitz. He is the brains behind the Legal Seafoods brand. The company founded by his father, prides
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business funding

Entrepreneurs work hard to get their businesses started. After getting a business off the ground, getting access to business funding can be difficult. Silver Rock Funding helps small business owners get access to business funding from private lenders. Alternative lending sources have become more useful, in recent years, for small business owners. The primary reason is the decline in
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